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Protecting their longstanding excellent reputation as a trusted law firm in the Cedar Valley is top priority for Swisher and Cohrt Law Firm in Waterloo.  Over the years the use of technology and the reliance on their IT systems continued to grow making support and security of those systems critical to the mission on the firm.  When Office Manager, Janet Shock, began to recognize challenges in keeping their systems operating at maximum efficiency using their IT support provider so she began to consider different options.


A business colleague of hers directed her to ACES to see how we could help.  Following our process of evaluating prospective new clients, ACES was able to identify several areas of need to achieve much higher levels of network security and operational efficiency.  Janet and the partners elected to begin a contract with ACES to solve these challenges and take the firm to a position that is equipped with efficient technology and secure IT systems.


ACES also assisted the firm as they had several new attorneys join from another law firm that they acquired.  With an expertly developed plan and professional execution, Swisher and Cohrt was able to carry on their operation while the transition occurred.


Since the expansion of their firm, new security practices have been implemented and aging systems identified to begin planning for future hardware needs.  The relationship between Swisher and Cohrt and ACES quickly developed into a trusted partnership yielding benefits for both sides.  Janet has even referred ACES to some new clients.

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