Traditional IT agreements are bad for your business.  They fundamentally are poorly structured since they charge for hourly rates regardless of whether you buy them in time-blocks or pay as you go.  While hourly billing makes sense in some businesses where constant attention is not needed, IT security is changing every day and requires continual attention.  By paying for IT support under a traditional hourly model, you are simply waiting until things go wrong to address issues on your network.  Once you are there what is the incentive to get things resolved quickly and permanently when more hours mean more money to your IT company?  This “traditional” approach leaves your business at risk against cyber attacks and system failures that will disrupt your business and could damage your reputation.


Proactive, contracted IT services from ACES removes many of the risks associated with IT.  Because you pay a flat monthly rate, it becomes our responsibility, as your Managed IT Services partner, to keep your systems running efficiently and securely.  If you experience problems that require our support, the responsibility and expense is covered by your monthly agreement.  Preventing IT issues before they create a problem for your business is better for both parties.


Additionally, with ACES TLC Platinum Managed Services offering, all of the technologies you need to implement a complete network cyber-security solution, quick support for your staff’s needs and reliable back-ups that provide near-instant disaster recovery are included in your agreement.


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